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amsterdam museum
museum amstelkring
anne frank huis
museum van loon

joods hist. museum

Amsterdam Museum
Kalverstraat 92 (523 18 22).  map
weesmeisjes.jpg (7362 bytes)The Amsterdam Museum is housed in the former city orphanage. This monumental building dates from the 17th-century, and has a beautiful courtyard. It is located just of Kalverstraat, one of Amsterdam's main shopping streets, but the entrance is a bit hard to find, tucked away in a little alley as it is. The museum illustrates the historical growth of Amsterdam from a tiny village to the present day metropolis. If you think this sounds boring pay this museum a visit, because the combined archeological exhibits, the interactive displays and the paintings by the 'Dutch Masters' really liven up the subject.
Open daily 10am-5pm. Admission 10. 
reviews  [2 reviews, avg 5/10]
Anne Frank Huis
Prinsengracht 263 (556 71 00).  map
annefrank.jpg (5463 bytes)This is the house were Anne Frank, her family en some friends were hiding from the Nazi occupation forces during World War II. Here Anne Frank wrote her famous diary, which describes not only the situation during the war but also the sometimes difficult relationships between the families in hiding, and her own adolescence. annefrankinside.jpg (3959 bytes)
After Anne's father returned from the concentration camps where Anne, her sister and her mother died, he decided to publish the diary. The hiding place has been left in the same state as Anne's father found it upon his return. The Anne Frank House also houses an exhibition on the prosecution of Jews during the war, and on current developments in racism, neo-fascism and anti-semitism.
Open 9am-7pm, Apr-Aug 9am-9pm. Admission 8.50. 
reviews  [19 reviews, avg 9/10]

Joods Historisch Museum
Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1 (531 03 10).  map
joodshist.jpg (7649 bytes)Throughout history Amsterdam and Jewish life have been intertwined, and the Jewish Historical Museum illustrates the Jewish culture throughout the centuries. Since 1987 the museum is housed in the center of the former Jewish quarter in the restored Ashkenazi synagogue, worth a visit on its own. The exhibitions focus on the Jewish identity, Jewish religion and culture, and the influence of Dutch culture on Jewish culture.
Open daily 11am-5pm. Admission 7.50.
reviews  [2 reviews, avg 7/10]
Museum Amstelkring
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 40 (624 66 04).  map
amstelkring.jpg (5956 bytes)Although Amsterdam is known worldwide for its tolerance, for more than 2 centuries any religious services other than those of the official Dutch Reformed church were prohibited. Of course this led to a boom in clandestine churches, of which "Onze Lieve Heer Op Zolder" (Our Lord In The Attic) in the heart of the Red Light District is the best preserved example. The church was housed in the attic of three adjacent 17th century houses. The beautifully preserved interior as you can see it now is the result of a redecoration in 18th century. The lower floors of the houses are a very fine example of traditional 17th century architecture and are also part of the museum.
Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 1-5pm. Admission 7.
reviews  [2 reviews, avg 8/10]
Museum Van Loon
Keizersgracht 672 (624 52 55).  map
vanloon.jpg (7559 bytes)This classical patrician's house displays the splendor of life in the 17th century. Built in 1671 for Ferdinand Bol, one of Rembrandts pupils, the elegant canal house later became the home of the Van Loon family. The Louis XV interior and the numerous portraits of the Van Loon family all add to the atmosphere of 17th century grandeur.
Open 11am-5pm (closed Tue). Admission 7. 
reviews  [1 review, 8/10]

Kattenburgerplein 1 (523 22 22).  map
scheepvaart.jpg (7919 bytes) Housed in a monumental 17th century rigging house of the Amsterdam Admiralty, the Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum) explains the history and techniques of navigation and overseas trade which were the driving force behind the Dutch Golden Age. On display are ship models and ship parts, drawings, seascapes, and old maps. The major pieces are the "Great Atlas, or Description of the World" by Jan Blaeu, several official documents relating to the Dutch colony of Nieuw Amsterdam (New York) and of course the full-size replica of the Amsterdam, the Dutch East India Company ship, moored outside.
Open daily 9am-5pm. Admission 15. 
reviews  [3 reviews, avg 8/10]


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