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supper club
wolvenstraat 23
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 169 (622 75 10). map
© Sjoerd van Luijn Think old fashioned nightclub, with comfortable plush seats and velvet draperies, all in red of course, and appropriate soft lighting. DJ's during the weekend, so the more adventurous can dance in between the loungers. Thai snacks on order, prepared by Rakang and served on a plate so that you can enjoy while remaining comfortably seated. Expect to queu.

Open daily 10pm-3am.
reviews  [28 reviews, avg 5/10]
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Hobbemastraat 1 (671 74 74). map
Hip restaurant-bar-lounge close to Leidseplein. The menu is loosely based on the Asian cuisine: think sushi, crispy duck and lots of teriyaki sauce. The 'shared-dining' concept means you get served what's ready, which is then placed in the middle of the table for all to enjoy. There's no telling who will get what when though, which can get a bit annoying.
Open daily 10am-1pm.
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Rozengracht 133 (344 64 01). map
Another hip restaurant from team Supper Club, this time done up like a scene from Arabian Nights. In tried-and-true Supper Club fashion dinner is had lying down, and it's the 'see-and-be-seen' what really makes this place tick. If you're lucky you might catch a glimpse of a belly dancer. A good place for a pre-club dinner of course, but a little on the expensive side.
 Open daily 7pm-1am (weekends 3am), kitchen open until 11pm.
reviews  [11 reviews, avg 7/10]
Oostelijke Handelskade 4 (311 86 86). map
Housed in a former Port Authority building slightly out of city center in the popular Docklands area, Panama combines a bar, a restaurant and a hip club/theatre. The restaurant itself is a roomy affair, with large windows, high ceilings and subdued stylish decoration, though service can be a bit lackluster. The club has a varied program during the weekends, and the nice outdoor terrace deserves a special mention.

Open daily 11am-1am.
reviews  [8 reviews, avg 8/10] Click for prices Click for prices  
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