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Jan Luykenstraat 44 (662 05 26). map
Modern hotel in a quiet location near Vondelpark and close to the museums. Refurbished in style, with a light blue-gray interior. Breakfast is included, and there's a 24-hour bar. Unlike many hotels in this price range Acro has an elevator. Good value for money.
Rates double 100-190.
reviews  [26 reviews, avg 7/10]

Bridge Hotel
Amstel 107-111 (623 70 68). map
Intimate hotel in a central location on the banks of the Amstel river, with a nice view of de Magere Brug (the 'Skinny Bridge'). Large tidy rooms with facilities en-suite, some with river view. The Bridge Hotel also rents out a few luxurious 4th-floor apartments, all with river views. No restaurant, and the hotel doesn't have an elevator.
Rates double 115-170.
reviews  [9 reviews, avg 8/10]
't Hotel
Leliegracht 18 (422 27 41). map
Eight lovely spacious rooms in a 17-th century house on beautiful Leliegracht canal. The interior is an eclectic mix of art deco and contemporary furniture, and most of the rooms have beautiful views of either the canal or the lovely courtyard garden. Might be a little hard to find because the entry is through the downstairs antique shop but it is worth to persevere, excellent value for money.
Rates double 145-200.
reviews  [no reviews, be the first]
Hotel Arena
's-Gravesandestraat 51 (850 24 00). map
The Hotel Arena, situated in a large monumental building has been totally renovated and now offers 121 rooms. All rooms have beautifully aged wooden floors, shower/bath facilities, a separate toilet and a TV. A nice feature are the Playstations available for guests! It's at the edge of city center, well connected by public transport, and you could also walk into town.
Rates double 105-175.

reviews  [2 reviews, avg 10/10]

Hotel De Filosoof
Anna van den Vondelstraat 6
(683 30 13). map
As the name suggests, the rooms of this small hotel on a quiet little street near Vondelpark all have been decorated in 'great philosophers' motif. The owners are serious about the hotel's theme; they host a philosophical 'cafe' on Sunday evenings, regrettably in Dutch. Quite attractive with a garden, verandah and lounge; no restaurant. All rooms have facilities en-suite.
Rates double 145-170.
reviews  [17 reviews, avg 7/10]

Leidse Square Hotel
Tesselschadestraat 23 (612 68 76). map
Large modern hotel with spacious rooms in a quiet location near Leidseplein, close to all the major museums. The Leidse Square Hotel has a bar and a lounge area in Art Deco style, but there's no restaurant. There is an elevator however, which is still a major plus in this price range.
Rates double 90-€180.
reviews  [3 reviews, avg 8/10]

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