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ambassade hotel
college hotel
jan luyken hotel
grand hotel amrath
dikker & thijs
banks mansion
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Ambassade Hotel
Herengracht 341 (555 02 22). map
Located in nine adjoining 17th century merchants' houses, in a central but quiet location. The use of fine antiques, the individually decorated spacious rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows, the nice canal views and the elegant breakfast room all combine to give this hotel a special charm. As the interior has retained much of its original layout there are disadvantages as well: not all rooms are accessible by elevator, and some of the stairs are narrow and steep. No restaurant.
Rates double €195-€285.
reviews  [21 reviews, avg 7/10]
Grand Hotel Amrβth
Prins Hendrikkade 108 (552 00 00). map
Large luxurious hotel located right at the edge of the old city centre a short walk from Central Station. Amrβth houses in the former 17th-century shipping house, one of the hallmarks of the 'Amsterdam School' architectural movement. The original grandeur of the place has been preserved by retaining most of the original Art Nouveau elements. Lavish wellness centre with beautiful indoor pool, free of charge for guests.
Rates double €225-430.
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Banks Mansion
Herengracht 519-525 (420 00 55). map
This stately hotel offers 51 rooms in a former bank building close to Rembrandtplein. The interior is a blend of contemporary design and original Art Deco elements, which gives the hotel a nice ambiance, and there's a lovely bar with armchairs and a fireplace. The rate structure is a bit like an up market all-inclusive with most of the hotel facilities like breakfast, appetizers and drinks included in the rates: luxury you can afford.
Rates double €195-430.
reviews  [no reviews, be the first]
College Hotel
Roelof Hartstraat 1 (571 15 11). map
The College Hotel is housed in a former 19th century school, and in fact it still is, because it is staffed with students from the Hotel Management school. The old classrooms have been converted into about 40 elegant contemporary rooms, there's a large lounge bar, and the former gym now is a restaurant. As you might expect the service sometimes is a bit below standard, but the modern-classic 19th century interior with high ceilings, oversized fireplaces and sweeping staircases makes up for that.
Rates double €150-310.
reviews  [no reviews, be the first]
Dikker & Thijs
Prinsengracht 444 (620 12 12). map
Small ornate hotel on the corner of the beautiful Prinsengracht canal and Leidsestraat, one of Amsterdam's main shopping streets. Recently Dikker & Thijs was completely redecorated in a lavish classical style. Good restaurant with Italian/French cuisine.
Rates double €160-€345.
reviews  [7 reviews, avg 8/10]
Singel 303-309 (624 51 46). map
A comfortable hotel in eight converted seventeenth century canal houses. The rooms vary in size, and some overlook the Singel canal. Though the hotel had a face-lift recently, most of the 1930's furnishings were left untouched, creating a warm atmosphere. Unlike other canal house hotels Estherea has an elevator.
Rates double €170-€285.
reviews  [23 reviews, avg 8/10]
Jan Luyken Hotel
Jan Luykenstraat 58 (573 07 30). map
Elegant hotel inside several nineteenth century town houses in a quiet residential area near Vondelpark and the major museums. Stylish Art Nouveau interior. Though Jan Luyken only has 63 rooms, it has many of the facilities of a big hotel. Attractive garden, lounge and bar, but no restaurant.
Rates double €110-€295.
reviews  [2 reviews, avg 8/10]
Stadhouderskade 21 (607 55 55). map
Much like any other Marriott this is a luxury hotel, with spacious and quiet rooms; located close to the Leidseplein, Vondelpark and the museums. The hotel has a large bar with a good view of the Stadhouderskade.
Rates double €130-€425.
reviews  [6 reviews, avg 8/10]
Rembrandtplein 26-36
schiller.jpg (8535 bytes)(554 07 00). map
Seven story hotel in a late nineteenth century building with wonderful Art Deco interior. Paintings by the hotel's architect Schiller adorn the walls. With a well known ground level bar-restaurant, and comfortable rooms that overlook the bustling, if somewhat tacky, Rembrandtplein.
Rates double €160-€350.
reviews  [5 reviews, avg 9/10]
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