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bob's youth hostel
flying pig uptown
shelter city hostel

the bulldog
internat. budget hotel
stayokay stadsdoelen

flying pig downtown
meeting point
stayokay vondelpark

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Bob's Youth Hostel
Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 92 (623 00 63). map
A large, lively commercial hostel in a (noisy) central location with low prices, Bob's is very popular with the international backpacking community. A taste of the sixties, with people smoking joints and playing guitars on the sidewalk. Some women-only dorms. Street level bar/coffeeshop which also serves snacks. Curfew at 3am.
Rates dormitories €30.
reviews  [40 reviews, avg 7/10]

The Bulldog
Oudezijds Voorburgwal 220 (620 38 22). map
bulldoghostel.jpg (5907 bytes)This relatively new hostel right in the heart of the Red Light district is part of the famous Bulldog emporium, a chain of city center coffeeshops. Simple and clean rooms, and true to its heritage the Bulldog has a convenient in-house coffeeshop. No curfew.
Rates dormitories €35.

reviews  [26 reviews, avg 8/10]

Flying Pig Downtown
Nieuwendijk 100 (420 68 22). map
A large hostel with clean rooms close to Central Station, this is one of the better deals in city center. Laid-back atmosphere, and you can tell the staff are seasoned travelers themselves. Free kitchen facilities and an all-night bar. No curfew. TV-lounge with 24-hour movies.
Rates dormitory €35.
reviews  [48 reviews, avg 7/10]

Flying Pig Uptown
Vossiusstraat 46-47 (400 41 87). map
The better of the two Flying Pig Hostels, because of its location close to Vondelpark. Clean rooms, and a relaxed feel. Free kitchen facilities. No curfew. TV-lounge with 24-hour movies. The Pig at Vondelpark is run by experienced travelers as well, and it shows.
Rates dormitory 35.

reviews  [22 reviews, avg 8/10]


International Budget Hotel
Leidsegracht 76 (624 27 84). map
Small friendly budget hotel in a canal house on a beautiful quiet side canal, near Leidseplein. All rooms have private facilities, and there's a TV/video lounge. Popular with backpackers, probably because of the smoker friendly attitude of the staff.
Rates dormitories €35.
reviews  [20 reviews, avg 7/10]


Meeting Point
Warmoesstraat 14 (627 74 99). map
Relaxed hostel in the heart of the Red Light district, with an all night bar and a pool table. No curfew of course.
Rates dormitory €30.
reviews  [38 reviews, avg 7/10]
Shelter City Hostel
Barndesteeg 21 (625 32 30).  
This Christian hostel is great value for money, with clean and comfortable accommodation in a friendly international atmosphere. Located in the city centre, just outside the red light district and close to central station. Enjoy the café or the unique courtyard with fish pond after a busy day in town.
More information click here
Rates dormitories €22-€35.
reviews  [1 review, 9/10]


Stayokay Stadsdoelen
Kloveniersburgwal 97 (624 68 32). map
This is the smaller
Dutch Youth Hostel Association (NJHC) hostel at the edge of the Red Light District, on a relatively quiet canal. Dormitories only. Facilities include public spaces, a kitchen and a bar-restaurant. No curfew.
Rates dormitories €35.
reviews  [13 reviews, avg 9/10]


Stayokay Vondelpark
Zandpad 5 (589 89 96). map
The larger of the two Dutch Youth Hostel Association (NJHC) hostels in Amsterdam, located adjacent to Vondelpark near the Leidseplein. It offers dormitories and individual rooms. Facilities include a TV-lounge, a kitchen, a bar and a restaurant. Elevator. No curfew.
Rates dormitories €35.

reviews  [17 reviews, avg 9/10]

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