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the amistad black tulip hotel

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The Amistad
Kerkstraat 42 (624 80 74). map
Colorful gay hotel with modern and spacious rooms that come with private or shared baths. The interior is a blend of modern art and Ikea furnishings, and all rooms have computers with Internet access. Especially nice is the late breakfast, served until 1 pm. After that time the breakfast area transforms into an internet lounge, which is open to non-residents as well.
Rates double 95-150.
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Black Tulip Hotel
Geldersekade 16 (427 09 33). map
In a beautiful 16th-century building, this is a luxury leather hotel. The Black Tulip has nine luxurious rooms, most of which have a variety of 'leather & fun' equipment, like slings, cages and bondage hooks. The more expensive the room the more facilities you get. Convenient late breakfast until 1pm, and free WiFi is available.
Rates double 145-195.
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