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amstel 54
le monde
vive la vie
le montmartre

entre nous
the queen's head
taboo bar

Le Montmartre
montmartregevel.jpg (7405 bytes)Halvemaansteeg 17 (625 55 65). map
Another exuberant bar in the crowded Amstel area. Like elsewhere in this area, the same combination of camp Dutch sing-a-long and chart music. Small dance floor, great light effects. Happy hour from 6pm until 8pm.
Open 5pm-1am (weekend 4am).
reviews  [5 reviews, avg 5/10]


The Queen's Head
Zeedijk 20 (420 24 75). map
Popular bar owned by drag queen Dusty and partner Johan. Kitsch 'traditional dutch' interior in a old canal house, with a beautiful view of a major canal junction in the Red Light area. Every Tuesday Dusty hosts her famous bingo nights.
Open 4pm-1am (3am weekends).  

reviews  [4 reviews, avg 9/10]


Elandsstraat 119 (623 49 01). map
One of the oldest bars in Amsterdam. Used to be the sole women-only bar in Amsterdam, but under new ownership Saarein recently started admitting men. The long history of the bar is reflected in its beautiful interior, much of it dating from the seventeenth century.

Open 4pm-1am (weekend 2am). Sat noon-2am, closed Mon.
reviews  [7 reviews, avg 8/10]
Reguliersdwarstraat 36 (422 33 12). map
One of the more recent additions to the gay hangouts on the Reguliersdwarstraat, in the style of a traditional English pub, with lots of wood, comfortable chairs and period lighting. Gets crowded quick and can get a little intimidating, like most other gay hotspots on this street. DJ's during the weekend.
Open 6pm-1am (3am weekends), Sun 4pm-1am.  
reviews  [16 reviews, avg 7/10]
Taboo Bar
Reguliersdwarsstraat 45 (775 39 63). map
Intimate gay bar in the Reguliersdwarsstraat, the main gay area. Friendly staff, two daily happy hours and an extensive menu with cocktails and monthly specials. Taboo Bar has a nice outside terrace, a large smoking lounge and offers free WiFi for its patrons.

Open daily 6-11pm.
reviews  [no reviews, be the first]
Vive la Vie
Amstelstraat 7 (624 01 14). map
vivelaviegevel.jpg (7677 bytes)Another crowded, bustling gay bar in the Amstel area, catering to a mainly female public, though men are welcome. Art-Deco style interior, and a nice outside terrace with a good view of Rembrandtplein. Vive la Vie is famous for the - lesbian - parties that are hosted throughout the year.
Open 4pm-3am, 1pm-4am weekends.
reviews  [7 reviews, avg 8/10]
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