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august 10 - 19
City center, various locations


The Grachtenfestival ('canal festival') is an annual music festival with performances of classical music on special locations in Amsterdam, the canals of course being a big favorite with the audience.

Inspired by a theme that changes every year, renowned soloists and ensembles form unexpected combinations to create a programme of concerts especially for the festival. Also previews will be presented of programmes that will be staged in the rest of the country later in the season. The Grachtenfestival provides a stage for young talent in particular. Part of the event is a 'Kindergrachtenfestival', which is the children's festival with productions for babies and toddlers to teenagers.

In 2017 the Grachtenfestival celebrates its 21st anniversary from 10 to 19 August in the city centre and along the IJ-banks of Amsterdam. Many concerts are free of charge or ask a small fee.

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