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august 17 - september 2
Martin Luther King Park (tram 25).

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The Parade takes pride in being one of the few travelling festivals remaining in the world. With its small colourful tents circling the terrain of the Martin Luther King Park (tram 25, end stop Hunzestraat), it is like an 'inside out' circus with the public placed in the middle of the action, surrounded by the performers. Indeed it is inspired by the medicine shows of days gone by that would arrive in town making a 'parade' and then give short performances for the townspeople.

Beware of which tent you choose to enter, it could be serious or in the spirit of fun. Fun is the order of the day anyhow, as people arrive by boat or bicycle carrying picnic baskets and dressed in colourful clothing. If you want to dine on the spot the Parade offers six different restaurants with exotic world kitchens.

The Parade will present 75 different programmes during the 17-day run, featuring music, dance, theatre, magic, art, animation and other assorted spectacles. Every day at 3.30pm a special children's programme is offered.

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