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Amsterdam Marathon 
october 21
City route

The Amsterdam Marathon is run on October 21st. The route leads the participants through the city centre of Amsterdam and passes many highlights, which are definitely worth a separate sightseeing tour.
Several of the most attractive sections are:

Olympic Stadium
The start and finish of the marathon take place in front of the grandstand in the Olympic Stadium. This splendidly renovated, over 75-year-old stadium will leave a memorable impression after the end of the race. Supporters and other spectators have free access to the grandstand and bleachers.

The marathon runners pass by the world-famous Rijksmuseum on Museumplein twice, the runners in the half-marathon and 10-km race pass once.

The largest public park in Amsterdam is entered at the Leidseplein side. The 48-hectare park is full of trees, ponds, paths and playing fields and is dearly loved by every resident of the city. During the marathon the runners will cross the Vondelpark twice.

Amstel River
The route of the marathon follows part of the Olympic route along the Amstel River, past stately mansions and several windmills. This rural part of the course has splendid panoramic views and gives an impression of the busy activity dominating the Amstel every day. The meandering route along the Amstel is not only interesting for its range of scenery but also for - more importantly - the sight of other participants running on the other side.

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