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pata negra
rose's cantina
See also: lounge | drink&eat
Lange Niezel 29 (622 30 50). map
centrainside.jpg (8773 bytes)Formica tables, fluorescent lighting and stacked beer crates all contribute to the authentic Spanish atmosphere of this popular restaurant in the heart of the Red Light district. Diners wait for a table on low barstools facing the mouthwatering tapas display. The delicious dishes are served in a hectic but friendly way, by Spanish waiters clad in traditional black-and-white. Very reasonable prices. No reservations. That is, they'll take you're reservation but you'll have to wait anyway!
Open daily 1pm-11pm.
reviews  [4 reviews, avg 7/10]

Lindengracht 62 (420 66 92). map
Small popular tapas bar in the Jordaan with an authentic tile interior, flamenco music and good tapas at reasonable prices. There's a rear studio room which is used for Spanish dance and music courses. Outdoor terrace during summer.
Open daily noon-11pm.
reviews  [5 reviews, avg 8/10]
pacificogevel.jpg (6070 bytes)Pacifico
Warmoesstraat 31 (624 29 11). map
Tex-Mex food and margaritas in a small bodega on the edge of the Red Light district. Very popular so don't expect much room to move.
Open daily 6pm-11pm.
reviews  [3 reviews, avg 6/10]

Pata Negra
Utrechtsestraat 124 (422 62 50). map
Authentic crowded Spanish tapas atmopshere with lots of small - and a few large - tables. Draw up a chair and order from any of over 40 tapas on the menu, including slices of Iberian blackfoot (Pata Negra) porc fillet.
Open daily 1pm-midnight.
reviews  [15 reviews, avg 6/10]
Rose's Cantina
Reguliersdwarsstraat 38 (625 97 97). map
Amsterdam's best-known Mexican style bar, with the usual Tex-Mex fare and killer Margaritas. Crowded so you'll have to wait, and watch those Margarita's or you'll forget you came to eat.
Open daily 5pm-11.30pm.
reviews  [17 reviews, avg 6/10]
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