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1e klas
le zinc et les autres
de belhamel
a la ferme
garlic queen
le hollandais
pier 10
van de kaart
cafe george
hemelse modder
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Herenstraat 25 (638 01 48). map
In between two of the large city center canals, this is a nice little place, with white walls, wooden tables and a small (noisy) mezzanine. Prego serves decent French/international cuisine and distinguishes itself with attentive and proffesional service, still a plus in Amsterdam.
Open daily 6pm-11pm.

reviews  [1 review, 9/10]
Keizersgracht 594 (320 18 24). map
Right in the old city Center Red is a bit of a two-trick pony, you can have either lobster or tournedos, accompanied by a bag of homemade French fries and a salad. They do know that trick pretty well though, and there's a nice wine list with an impressive selection of champagnes. Stylish interior with comfy seating, open until late.
Open daily 6pm-midnight.
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Van de Kaart
Prinsengracht 512 (625 92 32).
You'll find Van De Kaart a few steps down into a basement on one of Amsterdam's loveliest canals. The elegant, sober interior and the use of light colors immediately make you forget you're actually below street level. The chef knows his trade and his restrained, well balanced cooking makes for a very special treat indeed. Sublime cuisine at very reasonable prices!  
Kitchen open 6.30pm-11pm, closed Sun-Mon.
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Wilhelmina Dok
Noordwal 1 (632 37 01).
Perfect for an short break from the city center bustle, on the other side of IJ river just behind central station. Take the 'Distelbloem weg' ferry behind central station mooring at Pier 9, and then walk to your right for about 500 meters. Wilhelmina Dok is a large two storied restaurant, with a splendid view of River IJ of course, and a large (heated!) outdoor terrace. Traditional French cuisine at affordable prices. Can get quite crowded, make reservations.
Open daily noon-12pm.
reviews  [2 reviews, avg 1/10]
Le Zinc Et Les Autres
Prinsengracht 999 (622 90 44). map
A big place with a Mediterranean country-style interior including a Zinc (bar) on street level, and an upstairs restaurant. Well prepared regional French dishes at reasonable prices. Large selection of wines by the glass.
Open 5.30pm-11pm. Closed Sun.
reviews  [4 reviews, avg 7/10]
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