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Blauw aan de Wal
Oudezijds Achterburgwal 99 (330 22 57). map
A little gem right in the middle of the Red Light District, in a surprisingly tranquil spot at the end of a small alley. Delicate Mediterranean kitchen, highly regarded by many. Stylish minimalist interior, with a bar-like atmosphere downstairs and a more formal no-smoking area upstairs. Nice outdoor terrace. Friendly, knowledgeable service and excellent selection of wines. To point you in the right direction; it's the alley directly opposite Casa Rosso.
Open 6pm-11.30pm, closed Sun-Mon.
Reservations necessary.

reviews  [24 reviews, avg 9/10]
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Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-8 (531 17 05). map
Bord'Eau is Hotel de l'Europe's top class restaurant, where traditional French dishes are combined with more daring propositions. Classic elegant interior. Most tables have a good view of the nearby busy canal intersection, and there's a lovely outside terrace during summer. In Excelsior's formal setting jacket & tie are compulsory.

 Open daily 7pm-11pm, lunch Mon-Fri. Reservations necessary.
reviews  [6 reviews, avg 8/10]
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Noordermarkt 7 (624 38 99). map
Self-made chef Wil Demandt works his magic in this exquisite Jordaan restaurant, with a menu loosely based on traditional country cooking. The result is a delicate and subtle cuisine with an occasional rough edge - which might be just enough to scare Michelin away. The restaurant itself is quit large and roomy, and well lit, but retains an intimate atmosphere nonetheless. Amiable service, and a large selection of wines including some interesting unconventional bottles.
Open 6.30pm-10.30pm, closed Sun-Mon.

reviews  [15 reviews, avg 6/10]
Chez Georges
Herenstraat 3 (626 33 32). map
Lavish and delicious cooking by Belgian chef-patron Georges Roorda in his intimate Jordaan restaurant. The menu shows Georges is a Burgundian in heart and soul, so make sure you arrive with an appetite! This is the kind of place where you might want to go for the full seven course menu. Excellent service.
Open 6pm-11pm, closed Wed & Sun.
Reservations recommended.
reviews  [18 reviews, avg 10/10]


Leliegracht 46 (625 08 07). map
When patron-cuisinier Christophe Royer left the Michelin star left with him, but the cooking still reflects his spirit. The menu combines traditional Mediterranean ingredients like olive oil, basil, saffron and truffles in imaginative new ways. Elegant interior with dark wood paneling, thick carpets and contemporary floral paintings. A bit of a formal atmosphere, and a bit on the expensive side.
Open 6.30pm-11pm, closed Sun-Mon. Reservations necessary.
reviews  [20 reviews, avg 7/10]
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