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de admiraal
int aepjen
de twee zwaantjes
eik en linde
't loosje
de pieper
de tuin
wijnand fokkink
het molenpad
twee prinsen

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De Pieper
Prinsengracht 424 (626 47 75). map
One of the oldest brown bars in town dating back to 1665, and with lots of the original furnishings still in place, like the stained glass windows and the sand covered wooden flooring. Lovely but smallish outside terrace overlooking a beautiful part of Prinsengracht canal.
Open daily 11am-1am (3am weekends).
reviews  [1 review, 7/10]
Leidseplein 6 (623 44 19). map
reynders.jpg (4989 bytes)One of the best bets in the touristic Leidseplein area is this authentic brown bar. It used to be the literary centre of the Leidseplein, together with the neighbouring cafe Eylders. Elegant, high-ceilinged interior and waiters clad in traditional black-and-white. The glassed-in front opens during the summer to create a sunny outside terrace.
Open daily 9am-1am (3am weekends).
reviews  [2 reviews, avg 10/10]
Brouwersgracht 107 (623 89 94). map
Large bar in the Jordaan, catering to young locals. Though of more recent date then the neighboring bars, it already has managed to acquire a nice 'brown' patina. The large windows provide a good view of one of the most beautiful parts of the Jordaan. Gets crowded during evenings.
Open 9.30am-1am (3am weekends).
reviews  [2 reviews, avg 7/10]

De Tuin
2e Tuindwarsstraat 13
(624 45 59). map
Popular Jordaan bar frequented by young locals. Pretty much your basic brown bar, but with a friendly and laid-back atmosphere, in a nice mellow part of the Jordaan.
Open 10am-1am (2am weekends).
reviews  [8 reviews, avg 8/10]
De Twee Zwaantjes
Prinsengracht 114 (625 27 29). map
De Twee Zwaantjes (The Two Swans) is one of the better known Jordaan bars. Caters mainly to a local public on weekdays, but during the weekend an enthusiastic crowd sings along to old songs from the Jordaan and the occasional opera piece. The bar has a canalside terrace.
Open 3pm-1am (3am weekends), closed Wed.
reviews  [6 reviews, avg 9/10]
 [6 reviews, avg 9/10]

Wijnand Fockink
Pijlsteeg 31 (639 26 95). map
Tasting house formerly belonging to the distillery of Wijnand Fockink, founded in 1679. Closed in 1990 but was reopened in 1993 by a Dutch entrepreneur who distills his own liquors in the Pijlsteeg. Most of the interior remains in its original state, and true to form the 'proeflokaal' has no chairs or tables and no music is played.
Open 3pm-9pm.
reviews  [17 reviews, avg 9/10]
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