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de admiraal
int aepjen
de twee zwaantjes
eik en linde
't loosje
de pieper
de tuin
wijnand fokkink
het molenpad
twee prinsen

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De Admiraal
Herengracht 319 (625 43 34). map
A 'proeflokaal' (tasting house) where you can sample the liquors of Van Wees, the last of Amsterdam's independent distilleries. Museum-like interior with lots of brewery utensils. Not exactly true to tasting house style, De Admiraal stays open until late in the evening, and if you stay that long you will be pleased to know there are comfortable sofas and armchairs. Wonderful outdoor patio.
Open 4.30pm-12pm, closed Sun.
reviews  [3 reviews, avg 9/10]
Eik En Linde
Plantage Middenlaan 22 (622 57 16).
Archetypical Dutch 'brown' bar, a favorite among locals. The history of Eik en Linde goes back as far as 1858, and the walls are plastered with historical drawings and photographs. Beware of the clock behind the bar which runs backwards; although truly confusing this still might be considered a lame excuse.
Open 11am-1am (2am Fri-Sat, Sun 1pm-2am)
reviews  [3 reviews, avg 9/10]
  [3 reviews, avg 9/10]

Spui 18-20 (420 44 20). map
A famous Amsterdam institution, Hoppe consists of two adjoining properties. The part on the right has been a bar since 1670, the interior reflecting its rich history. The sand on the floor is refreshed daily, no music is played and there is standing room only. The left part is bigger and offers seating as well as music. Hoppe is a very popular bar with the crowd spilling out onto the sidewalk on summer days. During happy hour it fills up with expensive suits on the way home from the office.
Open 8am-1am (2am weekends).
reviews  [13 reviews, avg 8/10]

Int Aepjen
Zeedijk 1 (626 84 01). map
One of the oldest bars in Amsterdam, housed in the only remaining 15th-century home, heavily decorated with old toys and advertising materials. 'Aepjen' means monkey, which refers to the time this was a sailors lodging house. A guest couldn't pay his bill, and he supposedly brought back a monkey on the next trip. No music, but a accordionist during weekends to guide the regulars during their sing-a-longs.

Open 3pm-1am (3am weekends)

reviews  [10 reviews, avg 8/10]

't Loosje
Nieuwmarkt 32-34 (627 26 35). map
Very old brown bar with a lot of character on the edge of the Red Light district. The interior features beautiful tile tableaux dating from the beginning of this century. Attracts a mixed public during daytime, but caters mainly to students during the evening. Outside terrace with a good view of the Nieuwmarkt square.
Open 9.30am-1am (2am weekends).
reviews  [9 reviews, avg 8/10]
 [9 reviews, avg 8/10]

Het Molenpad
Prinsengracht 653 (625 96 80). map
Archetypical 'brown' cafe, with a bit of an arty atmosphere, maybe due to Amsterdam's main library being just around the corner. Pretty decent kitchen serves lunch and dinner, and lovely snack plates to go with your appetizer. Beautiful canalside terrace with limited space though, so you might have to wait it out a bit.
Open daily noon-1am (2am weekends).
reviews  [no reviews, be the first]
Westerstraat 109 (624 53 80). map
nolgevel.jpg (7227 bytes)Very popular bar in true over-the-top Jordaan style: red lights, crystal chandeliers, floral wallpaper and of course loud Dutch evergreens, which the crowd sings along to at the top of their voices. Always packed, especially during weekends. Popular with locals and boisterous students alike.
Open 9pm-3am (4am weekends).
reviews  [4 reviews, avg 7/10]

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