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Hello. My name is Mike Williams, and I live in Fredericksburg, Va. My wife and I visited Amsterdam over the Christmas holidays, and before going I somehow found your website. Just wanted to let you know that you have a great website. I really enjoyed the maps with the various establishments, which added to our visit tremendously. Thanks.

Mike Williams
Fredericksburg, VA

Thanks for the web cams. Our daughter has been living in Amsterdam since last October. We visited her in February so your web cams make us feel like we are there again. This is especially important since our son went over last week and is staying there until Monday. Your system keeps us in tune with life in Amsterdam. When he returns to Canada this will be one of the links he shows his friends to show them the city.

Your site is the best maintained and most informative of any that we have found.
Ray and Caren

Of anyplace in the world that I have ever been, my best times seem to spawn from trips, layovers, and quick getaway weekends to Amsterdam. This site is exactly what any visitor needs to step right into the flow without the hassle of trying to track down the hot spots on foot at the last second. Its like a rock star's rolodex. Great job.

Pete Mattingly

Your website has been by far the most informative and well organized site I've found while researching for my trip to Amsterdam. I love that you include phone numbers and other information not given by any other sites (such as entrance fees and the need for reservations). Thank you for the wonderful help!!
Morgan Nunn

Great help to firsttimers. Heading back early Nov. 2004 with the help of your site. At least we are not rookies anymore. Loved your country.

Berl and Brenda
Va Beach,

Excellent site, off to Amsterdam 20/09/02 for the 5th time wouldn't go anywhere else what a city.
Paul (Liverpool UK)

A fantastic site. By far the most informative site I have ever found and although I have visited the Dam on many times I still found some new information. We are both visiting next week and very much looking forward to it.

Thanks again for so much up to date information,
Gary and Heather Young Fareham

I am off to Amsterdam this weekend and I was very impressed by all the updated information your website has to offer. Everything I wanted to know. Definitely the best and most informative site about Amsterdam on the net. Keep up the great work.

Stuart Pretorius

I just have to say..
its one of the best internet pages I have ever seen on Amsterdam.. Thank you for existing.. Keep up the good work...

Knd Rgs,

Just a note to tell you I am really impressed with your website. I hope to visit (with 3 other family members) Amsterdam for a couple of days in Oct. and I am certain your website will be a real help.

Alexandria, VA

Dear Amsterdam Hotspots,

My wife and I recently decided on a long weekend in Amsterdam and found your website as a source of information on the city. May we say that you have a very well thought out, and informative website that proved invaluable in planning our trip. It was quite a sight to see us wandering round all areas of Amsterdam clutching reams of printouts from your site!

Thanks for making our trip possible.

Best Regards,
Simon & Beth Dalby
Telford, UK.

I would like to say I am grateful for this site. Recently, I returned from a trip to Amsterdam for my first vacation and flight (after many many years). I miss it terribly and can't wait to come back. Your site provides a little something for me.

Thank you,


That's the least I can say about this wonderful array of information you have put together to share! We will be traveling to your great city in may 2001, and this site was just what the doctor ordered. Thanks so much, i've got to go and find some more "hotspots".

See you traveling,

Thank you for providing us with such useful information on your Web-site. I stayed at a hotel in Amsterdam based on the reviews on your site and was not at all disappointed by the choice of hotel. Once again thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs Hellum

Your website which we only discovered after we returned in October, 2000 is the best city informational web site I've come across and believe me my wife Diane and I have looked at a lot of sites.

We will be returning to Holland in the next few years and will be returning to your pages often to enjoy "touring while at home". Thanks for the experience of travelling through your site.

Richard "Charley Canuck" Snowdon
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

Wow what a site!!

This is by far the most comprehensive that I have seen. Very professional . I love how each location has a picture of the establishment. It helps the visualization of the trip. This is the kind of information that I wanted to find, but you know the net!?!

You have everything needed to plan the ultimate trip! I just LUV YA, and I don't think that I am the only one! You can see by all of the participation in the reviews and forums. I just posted a message and I am sure by the friendly nature that I will fair well with questions, etc. I'm coming from Canada to visit family. I will be staying for a month or more (living perhaps) hope to have a great time.

I just wanted to thank you again for a truly excellent website! 10/10. I hope to contribute one day... if I even come back.


Thanks for producing such a great web site for Amsterdam, I have been there twice, am going again in Sept. and found your site very usefull.
Thanks again,
B. Payne


Just for your information; I don't normally give much feedback regarding websites. But your website is one of the better sites I've found so far regarding any city I planned to visit. You seem to have everything I'm interested in (including detailed maps). Keep up the good work. Maybe one day you will consider expanding to include other cities as well.

Andrew Bert
Vancouver, Canada

I LOVE this web site!
I am so glad to have found it only hours before leaving on a plane for Amsterdam!! I just know all this information will be very useful to me.
Thank you!!!
Robin F.

Great Website!

Many thanks for your website, we used it to map out our vacation in A'dam this time and it was great. I will definitely save your URL to plan my next trip.

Thanks a bunch.........
Sam Pepys

During this year, 2000 it is my intention to travel from England to Holland and in particular to tour around the Westzaan and Amsterdam areas. I have recently viewed your Web site pages and would like to congratulate you on your presentation of places to see and visit. I am much wiser now to what Amsterdam has to offer and in fact your site has assisted in persuading me to perhaps visit sooner than I intended to do this year.

Keep up the good work. Your efforts are appreciated.

J Carver (England)

What a fantastic site!

Planning to head for Amsterdam in February - by far the most useful site on the net for Amsterdam. Love the reviews section but wish that more of the hotels were bookable on line...

Natasha Young

Hello & thanks for the great and informative web-site!

I used your site to research hotspots and fun things to do before my last trip (Sep '99) to your great city. All the info. and comments were very helpful. In fact, I enjoyed my stay so much that I'm planning a return trip with friends this spring!


Great Site!
I found all I need, to start tomorrow in the early morning a trip to A'dam. Thanx a lot and stay tuned!

Kind regards,

I love your country and your web site is excellent.

James C. White
Cambridge, MA USA

A superb site. Intelligently done, and informative. The red light photos were excellent, a true artist took these. This site is in my favorites. I will be in Amsterdam for the New Year 2000.

Happy New Year,

let me know you, that your site is the best source for visitors (and net-surfers :-) to Amsterdam . I spend a few hours searching out some useful information which could help me and my girlfriend to "survive" in A. where we are about to spend a week, maybe two...

KBK :-)

Excellent Site!!!

Just dropping a line to let you know that I really enjoy your site. It keeps me up to date with my roots (I am Dutch, now living in Canada.....have been here since 1974). I will be travelling back "home" with my wife towards the end of July 2000. This will be her first time over the "pond" so the plan is to make it a memorable event!!! My mind may not remember everything in great detail but your site has jogged it enough to plan quite the trip.....Thanks............

Best regards,
Stephe Lawson

Hi there!

Due to visit you (Amsterdam) in late May 99. Plenty of tips and info. Many thanks for your efforts, much appreciated.

Matthew Byrne from Dublin

I used your web site to plan most of my trip to Amsterdam! Good content, and great work! Please keep adding more as I plan to go back when time permits.

John Holt

Just wanted to say great job on the site, it was the most informative and best laid out site I found :-) my girlfriend and I are leaving for Amsterdam in about six hours for a week and the info I gathered from your site will be helpful.


Just wanted you to know...that I just came back from a week in Amsterdam and loved it! I went back online surfing to see what I had missed...and wished that I had found your site before I went.

Keep up the great work!
Keith Nessel

Love your site! Am going to Amsterdam next week and am so glad I chance upon your site! It's very informative, covers a lot of interests and very comprehensive. Now, I know for sure I am going to have a great time in Amsterdam. No guide book or site can come close to what you have.

Thank you!
Arthur from New York City, USA

I've found all I wanted to find out about Amsterdam ! I'm ready to go there now (02/22). Will type you up my thoughts at return !

Thank you again ! and continue !....

Marie-Laure from Paris.

I just thought I'd write and tell you I really enjoyed your web site. I will be visiting Amsterdam in March 1999, and I appreciate being able to read about places to go and see when I get there.
When I return I will be sure to add to the reviews.

Many thanks,
Chris Gates

I think your site is GREAT!!! I'm going to be going to Amsterdam on Holiday from the US and have found it very helpful in finding a hotel and other stuff;)

Keep up the good work!!!

Adam Kibildis

Dear amsterdamhotspots, I'm off to the dam for a farty, forty birthday weekend. Your website provided all the info required. Connections sure & swift.

Great site I am much looking forward to the fun.

Geoff Ellis

I'm leaving for Amsterdam next weekend and have spent the last week searching for clear, complete and informative sites to help orientate myself before I get there. Hats off! This is the best site yet. I've got my notes made and the days planned Thanks so much for your help!

Now, if I only knew if it was going to rain . . . .

Brenda Berry in New Brunswick, Canada

Nice job, well-organized and thorough.

Philip Casella

As a stranger to Amsterdam, I found this site enjoyable and informative.

Thanks for the info!

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy this website. I will be taking my first trip to Amsterdam in three weeks, so I have been checking your site very frequently for current events. I am very excited about my trip and thanks to your site, I can check out the scene before I get there! Thanks for your help.


One of the best sites I've ever seen. Perfectly managed!

Greg Walthour USA

Great site - very helpful indeed!

Des Shaw

Hi there!
Im from Halle in (Eastern)Germany. I want to come to the netherlands today and was looking for a hotel and a good restaurant late at night. I found some good places. You have a great Site Amsterdam is a cool place on earth - I wish I could live there :-)

Best greetings!

Hi postmaster for amsterdam hotspots
love your site - very well designed and useful be visiting amsterdam for pleasure the end of october on a 3 day trip. will be staying at the esterea and know there are lots of interesting spots - jazz, blues, cofee +, vegetarian restaurants

thanks, bye
Gary Palen

Hi there!
Your site is FAB, lots of info for everyone. Keep it up!

James Marnoch

What a great web site.

Philip Wattleworth

Thank you for the site. It's going to make my future trip a lot easier.

Jana Dilworth


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