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de duivel
sugar factory


jimmy woo
studio 80

Lijnbaansgracht 234 (531 81 81). map
The Melkweg is mainly a live music venue, but during weekends it also hosts a variety of dance events. Some nights the venue is rented out; check the flyers section. In contrast to other clubs the Melkweg has a keen eye for 'world music' trends. Mixed and relatively young audience.
Times vary.
reviews  [29 reviews, avg 8/10]
Weteringschans 6-8 (626 45 21). map
Like the Melkweg Paradiso is mainly known as a venue for live music, but during the weekend it sometimes hosts club nights with local and international DJ's and occasional live acts.
Times vary.

reviews  [16 reviews, avg 8/10]

Studio 80
Rembrandtplein 17 (521 83 33). map
Smallish club on rowdy Rembrandtplein, with DJ's and live acts. Pretty laid-back atmosphere and staff with matching attitude, and a really good sound system. Due to its size the club might heat up a little during the course of the night, so plan ahead!
Open Wed-Sun 11pm-4:30am/5:45am.
reviews  [2 reviews, avg 5/10]
Sugar Factory
Lijnbaansgracht 238 (626 50 06). map
This 'night-theatre' close to Leidseplein sports a busy program with music, DJ's, poetry and performance. Sugar Factory usually stages two shows per evening, the early show being a stage performance, and the late show home to several popular dance nights. Relaxed and easy-going atmosphere, moderate prices for drink.
Open daily except Tue 9pm-4am/5am.
reviews  [2 reviews, avg 6/10]
Wibautstraat 131 (463 77 88). map
Club-cum-restaurant Trouw houses in the former printing works of a major Dutch newspaper, and this shows - the club occupies all of 2000 m2 of pretty bare industrial space. Throw in a large and excellent soundsystem and there you have the Trouw no-frills club approach. Progressive electronic sounds are the main fare here. The restaurant serves up international streetfood, and is open until 2am on Saturday nights, which is pretty amazing by Amsterdam standards!
Club open Fri-Sat 10pm-5am. Restaurant open Tue-Fri 18:30pm-11pm, Sat 18:30pm-2am.
reviews  [1 review, 9/10]
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