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average rating 9

Name: DocRon
Rating: 9
Date: 19 Aug 2009


Holy Shit Batman !!! This is THE newest place to rock. Went there 8-10 times this summer. Each night was different & great. Housed in a former printing factory for local newspapers, it has an industrial stripped-down interior, with beautiful lighting and furniture. The menu is eclectic/international. The food superb !!! Food is relatively expensive in A'dam, but this is a fair deal at 25 Euroes for 3-courses. The music is tight electro. Different styles each night. Heard the best dubstep ever the first night. Hard House, Some Techno-ish, no trance( thank God). GREAT SPACE and EXPERIENCE. As a bonus, a cool jazzy club called CANVAS is located across the street, on the 7-th floor of an older building. It has a terrace with a sick view of the city. Both clubs about 2 km from Waterlooplein or Rembrantplein.

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