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gaasper camping

het amsterdamse bos


Gaasper Camping Amsterdam
Loosdrechtsedreef 7 (696 73 26).
This family campsite is located in the south-east of the greater Amsterdam area, and is easily reached by public transport (metro or bus). The campsite is near Gaasperplas, a large artificial lake with facilities for outdoor (watersports) activities. The site has a cafe, a bar, a restaurant and a shop.
Rates tent + 2 persons 15; car 5.
reviews  [19 reviews, avg 7/10]

Het Amsterdamse Bos
Kleine Noorddijk 1 (641 68 68).
To the south of the city center is the beautiful Amsterdamse Bos (Forest) Campground, suitable for families. You'll either have to bike into town (hire bikes available) or take a bus which leaves every half hour and takes approximately 30 minutes to reach city center. Facilities include a bar, a restaurant and a shop. There are a few cabins that sleep up to four people.
Rates tent + 2 person 16; car 5.
reviews  [9 reviews, avg 5/10]
Meeuwenlaan 138 (636 88 55).
A campsite to the north of Amsterdam not far from the River IJ, ten minutes by bus from Central Station. Vliegenbos has a bar, a restaurant and a shop and also rents cabins which sleep up to four people at 75 a night. Rental bikes are available. Vliegenbos is considered a 'youth campsite', generally a more lively and noisy site.
Rates person 8.50; tent 2.50-5; car 9.50.
reviews  [23 reviews, avg 8/10]

Zuider IJdijk 20 (694 44 30).
Just south of the wide Amsterdam-Rijn Canal, this campground boasts a bar, a restaurant, a shop and rental bikes. Easily reached by tram. Cabins sleeping four cost 60-90, cabins for two people are 30-45. Zeeburg is considered a 'youth campsite', is smoker-friendly and can get quite lively.
Rates tent + 2 persons 11.50-17.50; car 5-6.
 [28 reviews, avg 8/10]


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